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Untitled :iconsuperomegaforce:SuperOmegaForce 0 0
Mass Effect fan fic : Broken Alliance Ch 2
                    Chapter 2
              Picking up the pieces
I awoke to someone shaking me, I grabbed for my pistol but felt it forced from my hand, so much for that hell of a fight, hahaha... did I just laugh at myself?
“ Shepard... Shepard... LACEY!” The voice of someone familiar broke through my senses, a distorted, gruff voice. Opening my eyes slowly, I saw the scarred face of my best friend.
“ Garrus?” Even I was surprised at how tired that sounded. My eyes hurt.
“ Shepard! Ha ha, even an Eezo bombardment can't kill you huh?... Hey stay awake now.”
Forcing my eyes open, they stung. I glanced around, everything was blurry, dusty. Behind the disgruntled Garrus another familiar silhouette appeared.
“ Shepard, Keela, I can't believe you are alive,” Her tone suddenly changed to urgency, “ Garrus, pick her up, we need to get her to the shuttle!&
:iconsuperomegaforce:SuperOmegaForce 0 0
Mass Effect Fan Fic:Broken Alliance - Ch1
         Chapter 1
         Hit Hard
I hit the ground hard, Kaiden Alenko, current... former lover, stood above me pistol in his left hand and a Warp bubble around his right. I spit the blood out of my mouth, which has had an interesting taste since I was rebuilt; more on that later.
“ The Alliance hasn't trusted you since Cerberus put you back together from spare parts of the real Shephard.” Kaiden said, his handsome face smiling down on me, black hair sweat soaked and out of place.
“ Everyone always said you were boring, an Alliance puppet with one layer of interest. I always thought there might be more.” I smiled with bloody teeth.
Kaiden frowned at me, “ You aren't the Shephard I loved. You're just a puppet!”
“ I guess Alliance Assassin adds a few layers. Figured you as more of an ass kisser secretary to some Admiral personally.” I laughed at my own wit before getting kicked in face.
:iconsuperomegaforce:SuperOmegaForce 0 0
Halo 4 Omega! by SuperOmegaForce Halo 4 Omega! :iconsuperomegaforce:SuperOmegaForce 0 0 Commander Omega by SuperOmegaForce Commander Omega :iconsuperomegaforce:SuperOmegaForce 0 0
Dreams Reinvisioned
© to Nicholas L. L 2008
              Golden light shown down onto a silent forest, the trees grayed and bare by the years of silence. Small strands of different colored light danced through the air. The cracking of a twig echoed out as a young woman with long crimson hair and a purple dress appeared. A red tinted lantern held out, her face, elegant and young, with hazel blue eyes peering around. Cautiously the girl stepped forward again. In front of her were stone steps that seemed as if to belong to the front of a mansion.
The small lights danced around the girl, her eyes watching, face filled with curiosity and caution. Reaching the stairs, stepping silently onto them, the lights began to dance even more, you could almost hear a song from them. At the top of the stairs was a glass window, the young one looked into it, “ What is this?” Stepping in front of the glass she could see a field at dusk, pla
:iconsuperomegaforce:SuperOmegaForce 21 2
© to Nicholas L. L 2008
                 Morning sun fell through the curtain lining of a large bed, under the covers laid a beautiful girl, crimson hair spread across the pillows. Orange rays shown on her soft fair skin, eye lids fluttering open, revealing enchanting green eyes. She stretched, slowly sitting up, glancing sleepily around her bright room, decorated by carpets, mirrors and a few pieces of furniture. Then, as always, the girl looked over to the glass doors and windows that lead to her balcony.
The girl looked about the age of 19, getting out of bed slowly, her black night gown reflected the light as she headed to the balcony. Hair brushed through her crimson hair as she rested against the stone railing looking out at snow topped mountains. Below within the walls of the castle, a detailed garden stretched outward and past that was a thin forest.
She always enjoyed the view from her ro
:iconsuperomegaforce:SuperOmegaForce 15 2


Sylvanas Windrunner - Banshee Queen by Narga-Lifestream Sylvanas Windrunner - Banshee Queen :iconnarga-lifestream:Narga-Lifestream 2,680 96 The Dark Lady - Sylvanas Windrunner by Narga-Lifestream The Dark Lady - Sylvanas Windrunner :iconnarga-lifestream:Narga-Lifestream 701 18 Azazell by Wen-M Azazell :iconwen-m:Wen-M 2,093 166 Demon: Lucifer by Wen-M Demon: Lucifer :iconwen-m:Wen-M 10,375 1,346 Lucifer by Wen-M Lucifer :iconwen-m:Wen-M 5,346 539 1 hand for camera, 1 for bikini tie!! by bikinichk 1 hand for camera, 1 for bikini tie!! :iconbikinichk:bikinichk 177 12 Rainy Rooftop Rumble!!!! by ChasingArtwork Rainy Rooftop Rumble!!!! :iconchasingartwork:ChasingArtwork 1,799 56 Logan Vs Hulk by vshen Logan Vs Hulk :iconvshen:vshen 554 54 Sad Sad Song by ChasingArtwork Sad Sad Song :iconchasingartwork:ChasingArtwork 1,020 49 The Dyson Shell by alexiuss The Dyson Shell :iconalexiuss:alexiuss 1,439 90 Sephiroth Paper by DanHowardArt Sephiroth Paper :icondanhowardart:DanHowardArt 2,799 331 Safer Sephiroth by RadiusZero Safer Sephiroth :iconradiuszero:RadiusZero 2,410 224 valkyrie by joewight valkyrie :iconjoewight:joewight 273 29 Robotech by nelsondaniel Robotech :iconnelsondaniel:nelsondaniel 463 72 Fallen Zord by ChasingArtwork Fallen Zord :iconchasingartwork:ChasingArtwork 2,800 115 Before The Jump by Orioto Before The Jump :iconorioto:Orioto 601 20



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What does that mean? Well not much right now. Seems most my Legion of followers are inactive now and it has always been hard to get reader comments on D.A. even if you have a decent amount of views. So hopefully maybe I'll get some comments and maybe a few new followers.
Otherwise right now I've been writing a Mass Effect Fan Fic. My laptop bit it a few years ago and all my stories are on that hard drive and I need to rip those out to get all my old stories back. So for now it's probably going to be Fan Fics as I get inspired by games or movies or whatever. Maybe I'll get a few more followers a some comments on my stories and it'll encourage me to write stuff faster and in more bulk, otherwise it's just kind of a trial run.
That's all for now.


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Thanks for the faves!
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Hey friend! Hope you remember me from awhile back! Hope you are doing well! Wanted to wish you a happy birthday!
SuperOmegaForce Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2012
Hey thanks, I do remember you of course. How are you doing?
ImHisEternalAngel Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I've been habing in there. Been stressed due to a lack of a job since the middle of the year =( Business closed its doors where i was interning and employed at so yeah, went on vacation for a few months to see family, came back and still looking. Got two interviews as a graphic designer at two locations. One interview is tomorrow, the other the next day hopefully once the date is approved. How have you been?
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Hey Nick.
Hope your doing well.
We never talk anymore.
I hope I didn't do anything wrong.
Kinda Miss talkin and laughin together.
Have a great birthday. I give you cakez.
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Just been real busy, haven't really been on here at all. Thanks for the cakez lol, even though it is a bit late for the thankings.
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Its alright, I thought you didnt want to talk to me anymore or did somethign wrong so I removed myself from your FB =(
Now that I know the real reason I feel so stupid now T^T
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